Pearly Lustre Cat Inspired Pearl Jewelry

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By Barbie's Beauty Bits, October 06, 2020

Pearly Lustre Cat Inspired Pearl Jewelry
As Coco Chanel once said: "A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls’; they’re timeless and glamorous whilst boasting an understated poise." And Pearlyy Lustre signifies the pure radiance of pearls. Pure Radiance of Pearl resembles health, good luck, tranquillity, and wealth, sounds PURR-fect to me!

So why not make some cat lady happy with these cat-inspired pearl pieces?  Now you can't beat that with a cats paw! 

Check out some of these cuties.

Kitty Cat Freshwater Pearl Ring And Earrings
Appreciate the natural beauty of life with this adorable ring and earrings featuring freshwater pearls with sterling silver, gold plated ears! Pearly Lustre has an amazing selection of pearls, not just cat inspired, so make sure to check out all of their items. You'll be sure to find that special someone in your life the perfect pearl!

Wanna show some more CATtitude? Check out some of Pearly Lustre's other cat inspired jewelry from the wonderland collection like this matching necklace, earring, and ring!

Bling It Up
Bling it up with these adorable earrings with a hint of pink, they are MEOWtastic! 

Hello kitty pearl and diamond earrings by barbies beauty bits 

Cat Inspired Beauty Items
From the Purr-fect pout to cats eyes we have you covered with these cat inspired beauty items!


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