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Pearly Lustre: must-have Fall 2020 necklace.

By BARBARAFAVAFMX, October 18, 2020

My latest review about the fab pearl necklace I received from Singapore! Pearl Lustre sent it to me and I got a big discount for you!
If you love your cat, you are mostly just like me.

You love showing to the whole world how proud you are of your fluffy baby through photos, videos, teeshirts.

But what if you could display your love and affection through a real piece of jewelry?
Last week I showed you the marvelous cat ring I got from Pearly Lustre, telling you that I also received a necklace with a pendant and earrings.

As I just noticed that my blog reached the 100,000 views, and I am satisfied with it, I wanted to celebrate by posting about the necklace.

P.S: After I posted this article, WordPress sent me the notification that this is also my post #100! We have to celebrate it!!

It is a golden necklace, thing, and classy with a kitty sitting on a round pearl.
The kitty, just like for the ring, has a collar covered by crystals, and it looks like the necklace plays the role of the leash.
Once on your neck, it will draw a beautiful V on your neck.
What I like a lot about this piece is that it perfectly matches the ring and the earrings, but at the same moment, it has a different design.

While the ring has a kitty aiming to play with the ball/pearl, this one is a kitty sitting on top of it.
I don’t see this as a jewel for an age in specific.

It could be a gift for your daughter who is ten, for baptism, for a wedding, for an anniversary, birthday, and so on.
Pearly Lustre has the talent for producing and designing ageless jewelry.
It doesn’t matter if you are six or fifty or ninety.
On this website, you will always find something that goes with your lifestyle.

Obviously, as every time I want you to truly enjoy your shopping experience, Just click on this link and decide which one is going to be your next statement jewel.

I also got a pair of stud earrings in rose gold that I can not wait to show to you, but that is going to be for the next post!
Just a quick hint: they are DOUBLE FACE!