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Our Story

Pearly Lustre is a Singapore-based brand specialist in pearls.

Historically, pearls were reserved for only those of royalty or the wealthy and always have had a longstanding status of luxury. However, pearl jewelry has been moving away from its traditional associations and growing into a fashion choice of modern sensibility.

At Pearly Lustre, we believe the luminous sheen and rich lustre of the pearl should not be limited by age and class, and is a precious gem that can be sustainably crafted and fashioned into beautiful, imaginative pieces that represent every special moment in your life.

"Every Pearl is a treasure nurtured by birth from Nature."

Pearly Lustre appreciates the natural beauty of life. Our products are born from the thoughts of love and best wishes to the pair of hands that receive this most precious gem. This is reflected in the way we treat and treasure each and every pearl from the beginning to the end of the design process.

Our design centre in Singapore houses our best specialists, who actively participate in acclaimed fashion shows and exhibitions globally, from Milan, Paris, Seoul, Shanghai to New York, bringing the latest fashion trends and designs to the forefront of our retail.

We provide a customised service for all customers as well, from the selection of various grades of pearls, to personalised designs, material selections and high quality craftsmanship.

Pearls are only produced by oysters in unpolluted, pristine water. Even the slightest levels of pollutants will prevent proper pearl production. That's why we embrace sustainability at every stage in Pearly Lustre, from pearl sourcing to the aftercare of our products, so the beauty of our jewelry and accessories can be preserved for ages to come. 



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