What is repair service available?

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As a valued client, we partner with you to keep your Pearly Lustre jewelry items in top condition. If your jewelry piece should ever need to be repaired, simply email us with the details of your requirements. Where-ever possible, add images to your written description to aid in our assessment of what action is required. Our team of experts will assess the necessary repair and we will send you a free estimate for the restoration that is needed.

Our Pearly Lustre team will try our best to make repairs, subject to the condition of the defect and availability of spare parts. The process may take up to two weeks, depending on the extent of repair required.

Our repair service is conducted at Pearly Lustre’s premises in Singapore. If you reside outside of Singapore, contact us initially by email and we will endeavor to assist you to resolve your repair issue. Pearly Lustre reserves the right to reject the obligation to restore any item which is beyond repair or obsolete.

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