9000JPYの注文のための世界的な無料配達 (シンガポール国内で50シンガポールドルの注文) 9000JPYの注文のための世界的な無料配達 (シンガポール国内で50シンガポールドルの注文)

DeluxHair - Pearly Lustre

DeluxHair – Wonderland Freshwater Pearl Necklace from Pearly Lustre Product Review

Wonderland Freshwater Pearl Necklace the teddy bear edition. It is made of sterling silver which is perfect for me as I am allergic to nickel based metal items, and has a pearl as the face of the teddy bear shape. This necklace has been a great touch for a lot of my outfits and styles so far. From my really casual days, to my more formal looks.