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Pearly Lustre is a Singapore-based company specializing in Pearl. They carry earrings, rings, necklaces, and accessories all with beautiful pearls. Even through mail they give you a luxurious experience. 

Each product purchased comes complete in a gorgeous jewelry box along with a matching quality gift bag.

One thing that I have learned over the years and that has been instilled in me since a little girl was that a classy lady should always have and wear a set of beautiful pearls. Not only are wearing pearls a classy statement, but they also show confidence.

Over the years since then I have admired beautiful pearl jewelry and have acquired a few favorite pieces. My most loved set recently has been these beautiful pearl earrings from Pearly Lustre.

When I received them, I cried because they were so beautiful and reminded me so much of the love from both – my beloved great-grandmother and my father.

They are simple, yet elegant and gorgeous with just the perfect amount of bling. 

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