Worldwide complimentary delivery for order of SGD100 (within Singapore for order of SGD50) Worldwide complimentary delivery for order of SGD100 (within Singapore for order of SGD50)

About Pearly Lustre

Pearly Lustre is a Singapore-based company specializing in Pearl.

Historically for thousands of years, Pearl was only for the Royalty. It is the idea that if a woman wore a pearl, it enhanced her to the point where her value went up significantly.

Pearly Lustre believes that the beauty of pearl jewelry is not limited by age and class.

We are committed to promote fashionable design, value for money, high quality & sustainable pearl jewelry to all customers, to create collections that represent each special moment of their life.

Our thoughts of love & best wishes to all our customers start from the beginning of designing our product. Every of our design & craftmanship strive to bring beauty, joy & happiness to every stage of our customers’ life.

Our design center is located in Singapore, our specialists actively participate in fashion shows and exhibitions in Milan, Paris, Shanghai, Seoul, and New York , bringing most up to date global fashion designs to our customers.  

New Products are launched into market weekly, our professional team provides full solutions from design to launch within four weeks.

We retail different grades of pearls and provide personalized customization for all our customers.

Pearly Lustre has maintained the highest standards in design, materials and craftsmanship. With proper care, you can preserve the beauty of your Pearly Lustre jewelry and accessories for years to come.

We embrace sustainability & offer refurbishment, cleaning and repair for most Pearly Lustre products. Our services include, professional jewelry gold plating, cleaning, polishing and repair.

Through our online tutorial, our customers can also experience creation of your own unique piece of jewelry.

Brand Interpretation

Pearly Lustre signifies "Pure Radiance of Pearl".

Pearls are a Gem bred with life, representing everlasting, flawless love and genuine loyalty.

Pure Radiance of Pearl symbolizes health, good luck, tranquility and wealth.

Pearly Lustre appreciates the natural beauty of life!

Brand Culture

Pearls – A treasure nurtured by birth from nature.

Pearly Lustre is committed to promote pearl jewelry, to bring you pearl collections that symbolize every special moments of your life.