Akoya pearls are cultivated in the Akoya pearl oyster Pinctada fucata martensii. They originated in Japan, created by Kokichi Mikimoto. More recently, they are also produced in China, Vietnam, Thailand and Australia. 

The most popular and versatile sizes of the Akoya pearl are 7 - 8mm pearls, which are perfect for classic stud earrings and necklaces. 

The smaller 6 - 7mm sizes are ideal for younger girls still under the age of 16 who are receiving their first pearls to wear for special occasions. 

How do they compare to other types of pearls?

In terms of size, an average Akoya pearl is only 7 mm, whereas an average South Sea pearl is in the 12 mm range.

Most pearls are white to grey, with pink, cream, or silver overtones. Akoya pearls are never naturally black or golden while South Sea pearls are popular for their golden and black colour due to their expensive and mysterious images respectively. Pink overtones look lovely on younger girls, whereas silver overtones look trendy and is easy to match with your daily office look. Cream overtones add a touch of French Vanilla to the appearance and look beautiful universally. The best cream overtones will feature flashes of rose and violet iridescence, lending these pearls a depth and beauty that is unmistakably gorgeous!

Classic yellow gold clasps and mountings will enhance these pearls’ sparkle and warmth.

How rare and valuable are they?

Overall, the Akoya pearl is considered to be more rare and valuable than the freshwater pearl, and its price range is similar to that of other saltwater pearls.

It is one of the most valuable commercially produced pearl, and it is common to find top-quality Akoya pearl strands priced 5 times higher than top grading freshwater pearls.

Akoya pearls’ size range from about 3.0 - 9.5mm, and rarely attain sizes of 9.5 - 10mm, making them very hard to find, and very expensive.

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