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Sunday has been elected by myself, as Pearly Sunday Lustre.

Each Sunday, I am here, sitting at my desk while sipping my coffee or matcha and wearing those gorgeous pearl jewels.

As I see your entries coming in like a flood for the Pearly Lustre giveaway I launched this early week, and my heart is filled with joy by thinking how happy the winner will be.

As announced the last week during my post for the final piece of the beautiful kitty cat pearl set from Pearly Lustre, from today and for the next two weeks, I will host a giveaway for a free pearl jewel selected among those that I kindly received from the brand.
I am so excited because I know that in times like these, a giveaway could make happy someone who needed a bit of hope and a virtual hug.

Here we are, another Sunday, another lovely post about my favorite pearl jewelry brand, Pearly Lustre.
As I look outside my window, sipping my coffee, I couldn’t help but wonder how fast this October passed by.

And how many people complimented me for my accessories from Pearly Lustre.
I honestly think that pearls will always be fashionable and timelessly classy.

If you love your cat, you are mostly just like me.
You love showing to the whole world how proud you are of your fluffy baby through photos, videos, teeshirts.

But what if you could display your love and affection through a real piece of jewelry?
Last week I showed you the marvelous cat ring I got from Pearly Lustre, telling you that I also received a necklace with a pendant and earrings.

The first one I am going to show you is the beautiful ring.
I don’t wear so many rings, mainly because I work a lot with my hands, but those I own, they are cherished.

I must admit that the ring, when I opened the little beige gift box, branded by Pearly Lustre, made me smile a lot.
It pictures a tiny kitty playing with a ball, and in this case, the ball is a beautiful, spotless pearl.

Pearls are the timeless jewels that all of us, have dreamt about at least one in our life.

Eternal symbols of purity, loyalty, and love, pearls have been worn since forever among women of all ages.

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