Worldwide complimentary delivery for order of SGD150 (within Singapore for order of SGD50)

Customization | 18k Gold

Step 1: Contact our customer service on Whatsapp (+65 89389301) to share your concept
Step 2): Pearlylustre will provide a quotation in 1-2 days;
Step 3: Upon accepting the quotation, a deposit of 100 SGD or 10% (whichever is higher) will need to be made to Pearly Lustre
Step 4: Pearly Lustre to proceed to the 3D Drawings for you to confirm
Step 5: Upon approving the 3D drawing, Pearly Lustre shall proceed with production
Step 6: Final balance payment will be made to Pearly Lustre once product is made and item will be shipped to you thereafter.

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