Pearl Grading

Pearl Inspection Criteria

  1. Colour: Refers to the comprehensive characteristics of pearl's body colour, accompanying colour and halo
  2. Size: Refers to the size of the pearl, with the size of the pore size of the two bead sieve separated or passed by the pearl
  3. Shape: Refers to the external shape of the pearl
  4. Surface perfection:Refers to the total degree of smoothness and cleanliness determined by the size and location of the flaw on the surface of the pearl
  5. Lustre: Refers to the intensity of the reflected light on the surface of the pearl and the clarity of the image
  6. Matching attribute:Refers to the degree of coordination between single pearls in terms of shape, gloss, finish, colour, size

Pearl Knowledge

PEARLY LUSTRE Surface Grading

A. Pearl surface is clean
B. Pearl surface is slightly flawed
C. Pearl surface is flawed
D. Pearl surface has scar spots and flower skin
E. Pearl surface has threads and wrinkles

    Pearl Knowledge

    PEARLY LUSTRE Lustre Grading

    A. Brilliant
    B. Excellent
    C. Good  
    D. Average
    E. Poor

      Pearl Knowledge