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Let Pearly Lustre follow your growth and be part of every chapter of your life. We provide fashion and luxury jewelry with the finest quality of pearls to delight your special moments.

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Grand Prix Season Singapore F1 Collection

See the world through a racers eyes, Formula 1 race cars & tracks with Pearl fashion.


The concept ideation is based on fast moving cars and overcoming obstacles to reach the finishing line, where a prize awaits, translating this swift momentum into statement pieces.

Asian Civilizations Museum Series

Classic collection with contemporary fashion.

ACM x PEARLY LUSTRE collaboration, Redesigning ACM's antique jewelry collection fusing vintage with avant-garde, injection new life into our ACM Jewelry collection to provide everyone the opportunity to have your own valuable jewelry that will touch your heart.

We Bare Bears x TaFF collaboration - PEARLY LUSTRE

'Fun, cute, to fit in & belong", is the inspiration of Pearly Lustre design for We Bare Bears x TAFF. We created this pearl jewelry series which is adorable, adaptable & versatile. Each pearl necklace, bracelet and earrings have up to six unique charms that you can create combinations to fit with your love for We Bare Bears while having some fun.

Our Pearls

Pearly Lustre provide the best genuine pearls. Thanks to our pearl farmers who reserve the first pick for us every harvest season. We created the "5S" system (Shine, Size, Shape, Surface, Shades) to ensure our fine pearl jewelry crafted with the best combination of price and quality.

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