Celebrities in Pearls

From the red carpet to casual outings, pearls have solidified their position as a staple accessory for global celebrities, effortlessly imbuing their ensembles with a touch of sophistication and refinement. These lustrous gems have become synonymous with celebrity fashion, adorning the neck, ears and wrists of renowned figures from around the world.

Kendall Jenner

As seen on Kendall Jenner, her chic outfit with a captivating pearl strand necklace, elegantly draping it around her neck. The pearls perfectly complemented the silk scarf she wore, creating a harmonious blend of textures, while her stylish earrings added a touch of glamour and completed the look with finesse.

Source: Jackie Nickerson, Vogue, March 2020


At the recent Met Gala 2023, music and fashion icon Rihanna made a stunning statement with her voluminous white gown. Adorning her neck with cascading strands of pearls, Rihanna showcased a bold and elegant look that perfectly complemented her avant-garde ensemble, further solidifying her status as a trendsetter and style icon in the industry.

Source: Getty Images

The Beckhams

At the same event, radiating love and style, Booklyn Beckham and his wife, Nicola Peltz, made a captivating entrance at the Met Gala in New York, showcasing their affection while dressed impeccably in fashionable attire. The couple donned matching necklaces that seamlessly combined the allure of diamonds and pearls, Beckham expressed his affinity for the neck mess trend by embracing a layered pearl necklace in varying sizes.

Source: Getty Images

Gigi Hadid

Following the trend set by numerous attendees, Gigi Hadid effortlessly incorporated one of the evening's standout trends, pearls, into her head-turning ensemble, Hadid showcased her unique fashion sense by incorporating a captivating double-string choker and delicate pearl stud earrings into her stunning attire at the event.

Source: Dimitrious/Getty Images


Male celebrities are embracing the elegance of pearl accessories, defying traditional gender norms in fashion, BTS's V, also known as Kim Tae Hyung, was acknowledged as a leading influencer in the realm of men's fashion. He is acclaimed by the public fir effortlessly adorning pearls, as his "pretty with a heartthrob" appearance perfectly complements them. He is also given the nickname, "King of Pearl Accessories".

Source: BTS Official

Harry Styles

British singer, Harry Styles, who has donned a simple single-strand pearl necklace in many occasions, effortlessly merges his rockstar persona with a touch of classic elegance. No matter the city or the attire, whether it's tailored suit or a casual sweatshirt and Vans, Harry Styles consistently incorporates pearls into his look, demonstrating their timeless appeal.

Source: Rich Fury/Getty Images

Wendy Zhang

During the Weibo Movie Night 2023, actress Wendy Zhang (Zhang Zi Feng), made a striking appearance at the Weibo Movie Night 2023, showcasing the mesmerizing beauty of the Tahitian pearls. With her innate grace and radiant presence, she exuded an air of sophistication and allure, accentuating her red carpet look with the timeless elegance of these exquisite gems.

Source: Wendy Zhang/ Zhang Zi Feng Studio

Fan Bing Bing

On the 10th of March, 17th Asian Film Awards, in Hong Kong.

Fan Bing Bing looks bright, glamour and flawless with this Stephane Rolland Haute Couture Spring Summer 2024. This looks is different at all from the runway which present in ethic culture style. Fan Bing Bing Complete the look with white south sea pearl necklace, and make the look more exclusive and glamourous.

Source: RCFA