Pearly Lustre Grading

The following Pearly Lustre Pearl Grading System will help you make a better choice of Pearl Jewelry.

The most important thing to understand is that each company has a different grading system

Every company in the world that grades and sells pearls uses their own system that each devised and created. Every system is subjective and every system is unique.

Pearly Lustre is using a higher quality standard as compared to Gemological Insitute of America (GIA) and the Pearl Science Laboratory Japan (PSL) pearl grading system.

Pearl Inspection Criteria

In order to help customers to compare and understand what they are paying for, Pearly Lustre has created an easy to understand pearl grading system.

There are in total 6 inspection criteria that are easily applied and guarantee meticulous quality identification. They are COLOR, SIZE, SHAPE, SURFACE PERFECTION, LUSTRE and MATCHING ATTRUBUTE.

The 6 Inspection Criteria

Evaluating the Quality and Value of a Pearl

Pearl Grading

Picking the right pearl can be a tedious task, our grading system aims to simplify this endeavour.
If you are looking for the best pearls, our top grade pearls (surface quality A, lustre brilliant) will be your choice.
If you are looking for the best combination of price and quality, our second grade pearl is the best choice (surface quality B, lustre excellent).