Pearl: The Queen of Gems

Experience the captivating allure of pearls, the true royalty among gemstones, and elevate your style with their unparalleled natural beauty and versatility. With a timeless elegance that symbolizes purity and femininity, pearls are an absolute essential for every woman. Embrace the sustainability and ethical sourcing of pearls, and let their luminous radiance reflect your inner grace and sophistication.



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Types of Pearl Shape

Pearl's Authenticity

We are dedicated to guiding our customers in recognizing the unrivaled beauty and health-enhancing qualities that only authentic pearls possess.

With our expertise, we assist individuals in understanding and distinguishing genuine pearls , ensuring they embark on a rejuvenating journey with these exquisite gemstones.

Pearly Lustre's Grading

Every company in the world that grades and sells pearls uses their own system that each devised and created. Every system is subjective and every system is unique.

Pearly Lustre is using a higher quality standard as compared to Gemological Insitute of America (GIA) and the Pearl Science Laboratory Japan (PSL) pearl grading system.

How Does Pearly Lustre Sort Our Pearls?

Pearly Lustre selects from the best pearls and only the top 15% of pearls are used in making exquisite jewelry for our customers.


Pearl farming, also known as pearl cultivation or aquaculture, plays a significant role in sustainable jewellery production.

Pearl farmers reduce the demand for wild pearl harvesting, protect natural oyster populations, and contribute to the preservation of marine ecosystems, making it an environmentally responsible practice in the jewellery industry.

Renowned Pearls in the World

From Japan to Polynesia, the world is home to renowned pearls that have captivated jewellery enthusiasts for centuries. Some well-known pearls include Edison pearls, Maria Antoinette's Pearl, Acro-Valley pearl and La Peregrina. These pearls have earned their esteemed status due to their exceptional quality, enchanting beauty, and rich histories, making them highly converted treasures in the realm of fine jewellery.

Celebrities in Pearls

Celebrities of all genders have embraced the allure of pearls, recognizing their timeless appeal and ability to exude elegance. From celebrities incorporating pearls into their red-carpet ensembles, it's clear that pearls have become a beloved choice for stars seeking a touch of sophistication in their personal style.

Source: Wendy Zhang/ Zhang Zi Feng Studio

The Story of: Queen Elizabeth's Pearls

Queen Elizabeth II owns a diverse collection of pearl jewellery, beloved by royalty for centuries. Beyond elegance, these pieces symbolize history and tradition. One of her favourites is a three-strand pearl necklace, a cherished gift from her father. Here is the story of this special necklace.