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Our Story

Wearing a genuine pearl is the ultimate symbol of luxury and refinement. With trendy designs and customization options, it accentuates your natural beauty and exquisite taste at every moment.

Best Genuine Pearls

Pearly Lustre provide the best genuine pearls in the market. Thanks to our pearl farmers who reserve the first pick for us every harvest season.

We created the "5S" system (Shine, Size, Shape, Surface, Shades) to ensure our fine pearl jewelry crafted with the best combination of price and quality.

Trendy and Innovative Designs

Our design centre in Singapore houses our best specialists, who actively participate in renowned fashion shows and exhibitions globally, including Milan, Paris, Shanghai and New York, bringing the latest fashion trends and designs to the forefront of our retail.


Do you have a vision of the perfect jewellery in mind? We can make your dream a reality.

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