Discover the allure of South Sea Golden Pearls - a treasure prized for its impressive size and unparalleled value in the realm of pearls. Experience the captivating warmth of their natural golden hues, revealing the exquisite splendor of these opulent jewels.

Emanating from the iridescent depths of Gold-lipped South Sea Pearl Oysters, pearls emerge adorned in a captivating tapestry of overtones, spanning the celestial palette of yellow, champagne and profound gold.

Distinguished by their extraordinary dimensions that outshine their pearl counterparts, South Sea Pearls exude an unmatched radiance, defined by a delicate luminosity attributed to the abundant aragonite platelets nestled within each pearl. What's more, these pearls proudly flaunt the most generous average nacre thickness among cultured pearls, presenting an enchanting selection that truly captivates the senses.


Embark on a journey to uncover the mystique of the South Sea Golden Pearl, entwined with its origins in the illustrious South China Sea, from ancient China's Ming Dynasty attesting to its significance.

Today, its cultivation flourishes predominantly within the enchanting waters of the Philippines & Indonesia, while Australia contributes its essence as a precious fraction of this opulent legacy.

Formation & Cultivation

Nurtured within the embrace of Pinctada Maxima Oysters, these pearls emerge as true marvels. Crafting their splendor over a span of 3-5 years, they are meticulously cultivated from ocean depths ranging between 10 to 40 meters, where their unparallel quality thrives.

Beneath their lustrous exterior lies a heart of exceptional fortitude, with an innermost layer fashioned from enduring calcium carbonate, setting them apart as rugged beauties in comparison to their peers in the saltwater realm.


Color: Varying overtones between champagne to deep gold

Size: South Sea Golden Pearls have the remarkable ability to achieve substantial dimensions, with an average size that gracefully ranges between 10 to 13mm. The realm of possibility extends even further, boasting sizes that reach impressive 20mm and beyond.

Shape: Come in variety of shapes (round, baroque, button, drop, and Circled)

Lustre: Adorned with a unique yellow hue that bestows upon them a velvety luster, their captivating interplay with light forms a beguiling radiance, that stand apart from all other pearl varieties.


Within the realm of cultured pearls available today, South Sea Pearls reign supreme as the epitome of value, Unrivaled in their generous proportions and coupled with a captivating rarity, these pearls stand as converted treasures of unparallel allure.