The most luxurious pearl known to the world, Australian White is the undisputed queen of pearls. Large, lustrous and long-lasting. Best known for their glowing lustre and irresistible silky feel.

From the opalescent depths of Silver-lipped South Sea Pearl Oysters emerge pearls adorned in a mesmerizing array of overtones, spanning the ethereal spectrum of whites, silver, aquas, and blues.

Australia White stand out with their remarkable size, surpassing other pearl varieties, and boasting a distinct luster chracterized by a gentle glow resulting from the presence of sizable aragonite platelets within the pearl's composition. Additionally, these pearls showcase the most substantial average nacre thickness among all cultured pearls, making them a truly captivating choice.


During the vibrant 1850s, the spirited town of Broome, nestled on Australia's northwest coast, swiftly emerges as the bustling hub for South Sea Pearls, defying its gritty facade. The art of large-scale pearl cultivation took stride in the 1950s, a momentum that has gracefully surge forward ever since.

Presently, Australia White continues to reign supreme in the realm of South Sea White Pearls, epitomizing a splendid urban transformation where its contemporary allure mirrors the sophistication inherent in the high-tech pearl industry.

Formation & Cultivation

Much like its saltwater counterparts, South Sea Pearl Oyster follow tradition of bead nucleation. Nonetheless, its unique journey spans leisurely 3-5 years. Given its exquisite sensitivity, this pearl oyster delicately responds to the dance of disease and stress, emphasizing the careful stewardship required.

Its this intricate relationship that contributes to the exclusive realm of South Sea Pearl Cultivation, where the canvas of nature's resilience meets the boundaries of a cherished art.


Color: White with silvery/metallic green overtone

Size: Residing within a spectrum of elegance, these pearls grace dimesnions spanning 8 to 20mm, with an enchanting average of 12mm. While a truly extraordinary occurrence, there have been instances, albeit exceptionally rare, where pearls of grandeur surpassing 20mm have been unearthed.

Shape: Come in round, baroque and drop shapes

Lustre: Soft and luxurious. A gentle luminosity emanates from the pearl that resembles ilk, casting a tender and alluring radiance.


Distinguished by their rarity and captivating size spectrum, White South Sea Pearls effortlessly claim the pinnacle of pearl allure, boasting unparalleled value among their counterparts. The fusion of scarcity and remarkable dimensions elevates their worth to exceptional heights.

Baroque forms, embraced as individual works of art, grace bespoke jewelry creations, offering a more accessible gateway to their intrinsic allure without compromising their innate splendor.