Asian Civilisations Museum Freshwater Pearl Earrings WE00230 | New Yorker Collection

Asian Civilisations Museum series is a new creations stimulated by the long unbroken fascinating history of antique jewellery reimagined with contemporary designs that will touch your heart.

These Pearl Earrings are cast with sterling silver in the shape of a twinkling stars, crown with one lustrous pearl, wear them and shine like a star.
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  • Article Number: WE00230
  • 5-6mm Freshwater Pearl, Semi-Round, White
  • Surface Grading: A
  • Lustre Grading Brilliant
  • Sterling Silver with Gold Plated
  • Gemstone: Cubic Zirconia
  • Earrings Size: L 1.cm
  • Earrings Color: Yellow Gold

ACM Product Inspirations | Symmetrical ear ornament in form of a 5 pointed star, 3rd-8th centuries, Java, Indonesia
Accession No.: 1997-04761 Collection of Asian Civilisations Museum 

The five-point star pre-classical ear ornament displayed here is a representative sample of the many styles of ear ornaments known to have come from the Proto-Classic period (3rd-8th centuries).  Many identical or similar in style jewlery had been created since.

About Asian Civilizations Museum

ACM is Singapore’s national museum of Asian antiquities and decorative art, the only museum in Asia with a pan-Asian scope. ACM jewellery gallery illustrates how Southeast Asian jewellery is present at every stage of life from Neolithic period to the 20th century giving Pearly Lustre great insipiration to craft our Jewelry Story base on joy & happiness. 

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